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July 26-28, 2024 Miami, FL

Turn your 6-Figure Income into a 7-Figure Income with all of our Systems, Tools, Templates, Experience & Connections...


We'll Transform You From A Commoditized Residential Loan Broker Into A Valued, Certified Commercial Financier!

Commercial Loan Mastery $5000 - Limited Time Offer $3,995!!!

Over $6 BILLION in Closed Commercial Loans...

Underwritten Major Brands Including...

Plus pretty much any Major Retailer in America!

What To Expect:

Billion Dollar Training

Get trained by World-Class Educators who have closed over $4 BILLION in commercial real estate loans with some of the biggest lenders on the planet. You'll gain valuable insights, best practices, and iscover the strategies and techniques that these successful loan officers have used to close deals and build relationships with top lenders in the industry. With this knowledge, you can position yourself as a top performer in commercial lending, attract new clients, and close more deals than ever before.

Complete Step-By-Step System

 Receive a comprehensive, step-by-step SYSTEM on how to originate, underwrite, process, and close commercial real estate (CRE) loans to successfully navigate the entire commercial lending process. You'll learn how to identify potential deals, evaluate borrower creditworthiness, and structure loans that meet the needs of your clients. You'll also learn how to efficiently process loan applications, navigate complex regulations, and close deals in record time.

All Underwriting & Loan Templates

Never worry about creating or where to find the correct underwriting and loan templates again....We'll provide you with a comprehensive set of templates you can use to streamline your entire commercial lending process, covering everything from exclusivity agreements and debt schedules to amortization calculations, fee invoices, wiring instructions, and org charts. You'll instantly save time, reduce errors, efficiently generate high-quality loan documents that meet the needs of your clients and comply with industry standards. Focus on growing your business and providing exceptional service to your clients, while we take care of the administrative details.

Loan & Lender Types

Gain in-depth insights into various commercial lender types, how they underwrite commercial loans, how to present to them, and what types of deals they will do. Lender types include Life Companies, CMBS, Debt Funds, Agency (Fannie & Freddie), HUD, Banks, Credit Unions, and so much more...

Underwriting & Processing

We'll cover detailed cash flow modelling to <INSERT BENEFIT HERE> plus a step-by-step process on how to underwrite and process your own commercial real estate loans!

Deal Sourcing & Marketing

Learn how to find Commercial Real Estate loan opportunities that will make you 6 Figures or more with just a single deal! We'll show you how...

And through our Commercial Connections, you'll be able to originate deals in every single state in the U.S. !

Lending Rates

Commercial lending rates can vary depending on a variety of factors such as the type of property, the borrower's creditworthiness, the current state of the market and more. You will learn the different factors that affect commercial rates and how to evaluate them, the different types of loans available and the terms and conditions that apply to each. You will also learn about interest rate fluctuations and how to forecast changes in the market to help you secure the best rates for your clients.

Get Certified

By completing our Commercial Loan Bootcamp, you'll receive a Certification in Commercial Lending from our Founders. This Certification serves as proof of your qualifications as a legitimate commercial real estate loan expert, giving you instant credibility in the industry. With the certification, you'll receive a certificate and website badge that you can use to showcase your expertise to potential clients and partners. This certification can help you stand out in a crowded market, establish yourself as an expert in the field, and attract new business.


Join our private community of other commercial loan officers to network, collaborate, and learn from other professionals in your field. Share knowledge, exchange best practices, and gain insights into new trends and developments in the industry. Stay up-to-date with the latest changes in regulations and market conditions, which will help you make better-informed decisions for your clients.

Join us to get Commissions just like these...

(Actual Deals We've Done within the Last Year)

$11M Office Building

Commission: $100,000

$40M Apartment Complex

Commission: $400,000

$13M Industrial Site

Commission: $125,000

$85M Resort-Style Apartments

Commission: $1,000,000


Are you looking to take your career to the next level?

Do you want to increase your commissions and earn more money?

Then look no further than Commercial Loan Mastery, a world-class live event where you'll learn from industry experts Colton Smith and Derrick Tornow, who have collectively closed on over 6 BILLION dollars of Commercial Deals...

As a residential real estate loan officer, you already have an understanding of the ins and outs of the residential market. But have you considered expanding your expertise to the commercial side?

Commercial real estate loans offer much higher commissions, which means more money in your pocket.

And with Commercial Loan Mastery, you can learn how to find and underwrite these loans like a pro.

In our bootcamp, you'll learn everything you need to know to succeed in this lucrative field, from how to find and evaluate potential deals to how to structure loans that meet your clients' needs.

Our comprehensive curriculum includes both theory and hands-on training, so you can put your new-found knowledge into practice immediately.

You'll have the opportunity to work on real-world cases, applying your skills to actual commercial loan deals. This practical experience will give you the confidence you need to succeed in the competitive world of commercial real estate lending.

In addition to expert instruction and hands-on training, our Commercial Loan Mastery will also give you a Comprehensive Certification in commercial lending upon completion.

This certification will give you instant credibility and a competitive edge in the market, complete with a certified badge you will be licensed to use on your website, in your email signature, marketing materials, and anywhere you need to demonstrate your expertise to potential clients.

By completing Commercial Loan Mastery, you'll be well on your way to building a successful career in commercial real estate lending.

You'll have the skills, tools, network and even the LEADS WE GIVE YOU to find and underwrite the best deals for your clients, earn higher commissions and grow your business.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to learn from industry experts, get certified in commercial lending, and take your career to the next level.

Enroll in Commercial Loan Mastery today and start earning more money tomorrow.


Over Half a Billion Dollars...

Colton provided us with Tens of Millions of Dollars of Debt allowing us to move forward with our Real Estate Developments and Construction Needs. He recently created Additional Debt Structures that will provide the Financial Resources we need which will exceed Half a Billion Dollars.

A Consummate Professional...

Colton has been a Consummate Professional... and has Advanced Understanding of Commercial Real Estate and structuring Capital Stacks for our Acquisitions and Refinancings.

Edward Axley

President & Founder

Unified Business Alliance

Frank J. Muhlon

Chief Investment Officer

Versity Invest, LLC

Absolute MASTERS of Their Craft...

The Knowledge Here is PHENOMENAL...

I Recommend It To EVERYBODY... This is Amazing!

They've Closed BILLIONS of Dollars...

When You Attend, You Also Get...

BONUS #1 - Complete Loan Submission Package

($5,000 Value)

Professionalism in the world of commercial loans hinges on the quality of the presentation. With our Loan Submission Package, you will be arming yourself with a robust tool that has been curated over years, refined for efficacy and impact. Spanning a comprehensive 40 pages, this package isn't just about volume but precision. From the PowerPoint template, tailored to capture attention, to a vivid PDF example, demographics, and comparables that paint a picture, to the intricate financial analysis that speaks volumes about the project's viability - every aspect is meticulously covered. And with elements like borrower/sponsor summaries, detailed loan requests, visually appealing neighborhood maps, and, when necessary, a succinct tenant summary section, you are looking at a fail-safe method to elevate your loan submissions from ordinary to outstanding.

BONUS #2 - CUSTOM LEAD LIST of 100 Properties and Legal Owners

($50,000 Value!)

That's right! We're going to GIVE you your very own list of CUSTOM LEADS specific to your area! In the realm of commercial real estate, knowledge isn't just power; it's potential profit. Delve deep into a treasure trove of opportunities with a custom-made list of 500 properties, and more importantly, their legal owners, all curated specifically for your geographic market. But what makes this list truly invaluable? Its foundation. The data is gleaned using our cutting-edge in-house software that costs $50,000 annually to license, providing insights you simply can't find elsewhere. These aren't just properties; they're doors waiting to be opened, each one leading to a world of commercial possibilities. We don't want you to have any excuses. So whether you're a seasoned investor or starting out, this is your roadmap to success. And we've left no stone unturned to make sure you get it. Tap into your very own lead list custom to YOU!

BONUS #3 - Comprehensive Lender List & Script Training

($5,000 Value)

Leads aren't enough. You also need a list of the best lenders too! But navigating the commercial loan landscape can be akin to charting unexplored territories. With our comprehensive lender list, consider half the battle won. Spanning major banks, vital SBA lenders, and even the niche players, this list is more than just names; it's a gateway to potential partnerships. But having contacts is one thing, approaching them effectively is another. That's where our script and training come into play. Crafted by our expert trainers, this script is your cheat code to effective communication, ensuring that when you do reach out, it's with confidence, clarity, and purpose to land the deals when you need it most.

BONUS #4 - Direct Access to Agency Lenders (No Brokers)

($10,000 Value)

Experience the pinnacle of access in the commercial loan world. When you think of the giants in the industry, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac undoubtedly top the list. Now, imagine having a direct line to them. By attending the Commercial Loan Mastery event, you don't just get theoretical knowledge; you get tangible, game-changing connections. One of our esteemed instructors possesses this coveted direct link. And by being a part of our event, you share in this unparalleled access.

What's the value of such a connection? In a world where relationships are key, establishing a direct rapport with industry giants like Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac without any prior foothold in the commercial sector could easily cost upwards of hundreds of thousands, if not more, in terms of time, potential deals missed, and opportunities foregone. It's not just about the money saved from broker fees; it's about the stature gained, the time saved, and the deals directly secured.

This bonus isn't just a perk; it's a paradigm shift. And we're handing you this on a silver platter. Come, harness the power of direct connections at our Commercial Loan Mastery event.

BONUS #5 - Direct Access to Fire Up Capital Private Money Fund

($5,000 Value)

Financial backing is the lifeblood of any commercial real estate endeavor. With direct access to our Fire Up Capital Private Money Fund, you're not just getting funds; you're unlocking a reservoir of potential. It's the reassurance of knowing that when a golden opportunity knocks, you have the financial firepower to capitalize on it. This isn't just about money; it's about the agility to act swiftly, the flexibility to pivot strategies, and the confidence to go big when it matters. With the backing of Fire Up Capital, you're not just investing in properties; you're investing in potential possibilities, and unparalleled growth.

BONUS #6 - Private, Invitation-Only Online Forum


The adage "It's not what you know, but who you know" has never been more pertinent than in the intricate world of commercial loans. Our exclusive Facebook Group is not just an online space; it's a dynamic forum, a melting pot of industry experts, seasoned investors, and newcomers. It's a place where deals are discussed, strategies are dissected, and collective intelligence is harnessed. Whether you're looking for insights into a complex transaction, feedback on a potential opportunity, or simply want to stay updated with the pulse of the industry, this priceless platform ensures you're always a step ahead. The only way to get in? This Bonus is ONLY available to Commercial Loan Mastery attendees...

BONUS #7 - Referral Program: Transform Every Connection Into Cash


Even if you're a residential loan officer with no prior experience in the commercial sector, our referral program equips you to unlock an entirely new and instant revenue stream while you learn to do deals yourself. Recognizing the value of relationships and networks, this program ensures you profit from every commercial connection you make or have. For every deal you introduce to us that closes, we're happy to give you a generous 30% commission on the proceeds.

This isn't merely an incentive; it's a testament to the collaborative spirit we champion. As you delve into the intricacies of commercial loans, you have the added benefit of a continuous income stream, ensuring every commercial relationship you nurture has the potential for financial reward. More than an affiliate program... this is a partnership. It's our way of acknowledging and rewarding the trust you place in us. Dive in and start maximizing your earning potential from day one.

Meet Your Instructors

Derrick Tornow

Co-Founder - Commercial Loan Training

Managing Partner - M5 Lending

Mr. Tornow is a seasoned Real Estate and Lending professional with over 15 years experience within the industry. In addition to Co-Founding Commercial Loan Training with Colton Smith, Mr. Tornow has served as Managing Partner of Tornow’s & Associates and M5 Lending, a Commercial Loan Network of seasoned lending experts who have developed a unique solution to commercial lending needs of borrowers and residential loan officers.

When working with Mr. Tornow you have access to some of the most experienced and creative minds in the residential and commercial lending space, with over 30 years providing the best solutions for borrowers.

Mr. Tornow also serves as COO at Squeeze Media, overseeing operations for residential and commercial lead generation, working directly with lenders throughout the United States.

Colton Smith

Advisory Board Member - Commercial Loan Training

Senior Director - Walker & Dunlop

Mr. Smith is an Advisory Board Member and Guest Lecturer with Commercial Loan Training and a Senior Director within Walker & Dunlop's capital markets group. With over 15 years of commercial real estate finance experience, Mr. Smith specializes in permanent financing for all asset classes nationally, including hard money transactions, land acquisitions, and construction.

Mr. Smith was also a First Vice President with Marcus & Millichap Capital Corporation, where he secured commercial debt financing for an array of property types including multifamily, office and industrial, retail, seniors housing and hospitality.

His extensive career has allowed him to build key relationships with national, regional and local funding sources including Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, commercial banks, CMBS lenders, life insurance companies, private and public funds, and bridge lenders. He's also founded the commercial lending division for a Salt Lake City real estate conglomerate.

Over $6 BILLION in Closed Commercial Loans...

Underwrite with Major Brands like we have...

Plus pretty much any Major Retailer in America!

Received A $25K Commission...

"Colton Smith is one of the most experienced commercial lending officers in the country. He does a tremendous volume of business, and I have personally worked with him on several deals. The last deal we worked on together, we closed and received a $25k commission. I've found Colton to be a wealth of knowledge. I still call him occasionally when I run into something that I don't understand or have questions about, and he always has the answer or knows where to find it."

Al Dillard

Owner/Commercial Loan Consultant

Sound Commercial Capital



We are so confident in the value you will receive, that we offer not one,

but TWO Guarantees:

1) If you are not satisfied with anything by the end of Day 1 of the Certification, we will refund you 100% of your investment back.

2) If you don't land a commercial deal within 6 MONTHS of implementing everything you learn, just show us your work and what you've done, and we'll work with you until you do!

How's that for putting our money where our mouth is ;)


Our Exclusive Venues

We curate an unparalleled experience in all our locations around the country, and part of that exclusive experience for our attendees is our handpicked venues. To ensure the intimacy and exclusivity of our events,

the venue details will be shared solely with confirmed attendees based on location.


Once your application is approved and your certification purchase is complete, you'll receive a special communication with all the necessary information.

This is more than just an event; it's an elite gathering of future commercial lending leaders. Our chosen locations reflect the importance and prestige of this certification journey.

Rest assured, our chosen venues always offer the perfect backdrop to a transformative experience, enhancing your journey every step of the way.

Join us, and be part of this confidential rendezvous of industry leaders and game-changers.

Discounted Hotel Rates may be available after Certification Purchase

What Our Attendees Say...

Now Have The Confidence to Originate & Underwrite Commercial Loans!

Got My Fees Back After Just Day ONE!


Why should I attend Commercial Loan Mastery if I'm already successful in residential lending?

Our commercial loan bootcamp will help you expand your lending business and increase your earning potential. By learning how to originate, underwrite, process, and close commercial real estate loans, you can tap into a lucrative market and offer additional services to your clients.

Can I attend Commercial Loan Mastery if I have no experience in commercial lending?

Absolutely! Our bootcamp is designed to provide comprehensive training on all aspects of commercial lending, including underwriting and loan origination. Whether you have experience in commercial lending or not, you'll learn the skills you need to succeed.

How will attending Commercial Loan Mastery benefit my lending business?

By attending our bootcamp, you'll gain access to world-class educators who have closed over $6 billion in commercial real estate loans. You'll learn best practices, strategies, and techniques that you can apply to your own lending business. You'll also receive a certification in commercial lending, which can help you stand out in the industry and attract new clients.

Will attending this event take too much time away from my current business?

Our bootcamp is designed to be efficient and effective, providing you with the tools and knowledge you need to succeed in commercial lending without taking up too much of your time. We hand you on a silver platter all the templates, leads, lender lists, certification, network, contacts, private money fund and more so you can hit the ground running in no time flat. And the event itself is less than three complete days to invest in your entire future. Isn't that worth it?

Is the cost of attending Commercial Loan Mastery worth it?

This event is an investment in your career and your future earning potential. By learning how to originate, underwrite, process, and close commercial real estate loans, you can expand your lending business and offer additional services to your clients. The certification you receive upon completion of the bootcamp will also help you stand out in the industry and attract new clients. The cost of attending the bootcamp is a small price to pay for the potential return on investment. In fact, you'll be able to recoup the entire cost of the Bootcamp after just one deal... we Guarantee it!

Is there a Guarantee?

Absolutely! We put our money where our mouth is, and we give you not just one, but TWO Guarantees!

1) If at the end of the first day, you aren't completely satisfied with what you've learned, we'll offer you 100% of your money back! Our bootcamp is designed to provide you with the skills, knowledge, and resources you need to succeed in every aspect of commercial lending. With the expertise of our world-class educators, access to a comprehensive set of underwriting and loan templates, and a certification in commercial lending, you'll be well-equipped to tap into a lucrative market and offer additional services to your clients. Additionally, the networking opportunities provided by our community of commercial loan officers can lead to valuable business connections and partnerships.

2) The investment in our bootcamp is an investment in your career and your future earning potential, and we are confident that you'll find it to be a valuable investment. In fact, if you don't land a commercial deal within 6 MONTHS of implementing everything you learn, just show us your work and what you've done, and we'll work with you until you do!

Is there anything else for sale at this event?

There is absolutely NOTHING we hold back and we'll give you EVERYTHING you need to succeed with our Step-by-Step process, templates, and contacts, but for those who need it, there will be an opportunity to work with your instructors directly to get you results quicker.

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